Cilrelease 1812E

silicone release spray for polyurethane and polyester resins with a glossy effect

  • Hot and cold polyurethane and polyester casting systems 
  • Effective release
  • Table edge capping using aliphatic PU
  • Glossy look

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Product information

CilRelease 1812E is a high performance aerosol release agent for both hot and cold processing polyurethane elastomers and polyester casting systems. CilRelease 1812E is an effective release in the process of table edge capping using aliphatic polyurethane elastomers where the use of an aerosol is particularly convenient.

Appeareance: colourless liquid (non- corrosive)
solvent type: butane/propane
shelf life: 24 months


  • Per tray, containing 12 aerosols



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