Syntran AC 7080

Versatile Polymer Solution for Protective Coatings

  • Formation of clear, hard and tack-free film
  • Readily solube in water
  • Protection of metal during its processing (rolling, drawing and cutting, etc.)

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Product information

SYNTRAN AC 7080 is an aqueous solution featuring a high molecular weight polyacrylic acid homopolymer. During polymerization, it remains surfactant-free and maintains stability while staying clear within a low pH range (1-3). However, it's important to note that processing temperatures should not exceed 110°C. Upon drying at 20°C and 65% relative humidity, it creates a film suitable for smooth protective coatings on various surfaces, including synthetic fibers. SYNTRAN AC 7080 boasts exceptional binding capabilities with metals and exhibits impressive chemical resistance, even against substances like diesel and E10 fuel. Additionally, it can be employed in rust converter formulations. The product seamlessly mixes with water at any ratio, and its clarity does not compromise product quality.



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