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Die Verwendung von Phosphonaten findet viele Anwendungen in verschiedenen industriellen Anwendungen zusätzlich zu der klassischen Wasserbehandlungsanwendung. Zum Beispiel werden diese Produkte auch in Reinigungsprodukten, Papier und Kosmetika verwendet.

A phosphonate is a organophosphorus compound that is available in various formulations as acids or salts. At Integrated Chemicals it is available in both liquid form and as a powder. All phosphonates are available from our extensive stock. We offer flexible solutions for your application, as well as complete transparency about the origin of our additives. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the various applications for our additives, we offer sound advice about the best solution for your purpose. Read on to find out more about the possible uses of phosphonates

The applications of phosphonate additives 
Phosphonate is used in many industrial applications and processes. Various formulations, such as HEDP phosphonate, are commonly used as chemical additives in various industrial water treatment processes. Here they serve as scale and corrosion inhibitors. Additionally, other varieties of these additives are also used in the formulation of household and industrial detergents, as well as industrial cleaners. One such is HEMPA phosphonate, which significantly improves the rinsing properties of washing and cleaning formulations. Phosphonate is also used in industrious processes aimed at bleaching paper and textiles or in pulp production. ATMP, for instance, can be used as a chelating agent in the dying industry.

Let us help you find the right additive 
Find out more about each formulation on our dedicated phosphonate product pages. Technical data sheets are available for download. We are also happy to send you a sample of any of our products. Just let us know how we may help you. Use the contact form to get in touch or fill in your number below and have us call you back.