Holiferm's Eco-Friendly Biosurfactants

05 februari 2024

A Sustainable Revolution for Benelux Consumers.

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The world is innovating and so are we, which is why we are excited to share that Integrated Chemical Solutions and Holiferm have entered into a distribution agreement for the Benelux region for their biosurfactants. Hear from Holiferm’s Joana Pereira, Business Development Manager: “Integrated Chemicals have an excellent reputation and market presence in Benelux and a lot of enthusiasm for new sustainable solutions. That makes them an ideal distribution partner for us, and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with them.” 


What are biosurfactants and why do we need them? Well, do you wash your hair after working out? Shampoo! Cleaning the car after a holiday? Car wash! What do these have in common with soaps, micellar water, detergent (and more)? They are all made with surfactants, but did you know it is possible to make these products more sustainable by using a biosurfactant?  


The molecules produced by microorganisms we call biosurfactants. These molecules have surfactant properties, meaning that they reduce surface tension between phases, from liquid and solid and liquid as gas. Surfactants are commonly used in various industrial applications, including detergents, emulsifiers, and foaming agents. The HoneySurf and HoliSurf are biosurfactants born out of the unique fermentation process engineered by Holiferm and are created out of locally sourced and renewable feedstocks.  


Holiferm uses renewable materials to produce non-toxic chemicals for consumer and industrial products, accelerating the shift to a biosurfactant-based economy. They are pushing the boundaries of technology in the direction of a circular bioeconomy thanks to their innovative collaborative approach. Their range of sophorolipid products can be used in a variety of applications. Offering the biosurfactants in low foaming and high foaming versions. Low Foaming can be directly obtained from the fermentation process and doesn’t need to be modified further. Think about an application like Facial cleaners, shampoos and shower gels. The High Foaming undergoes a mild chemical transformation which allows for the generation and stabilization of more foam. Great forms of applications would be in detergents or car washing products.  


Utilizing a fermentation process with minimal processing and no solvent usage, the product stands out for its sustainability. An added benefit of choosing Holiferm as a supplier is their commitment to a low CO2 footprint, achieved through a semi-continuous production process. As they also offer comprehensive technical support to ensure optimal product integration. 




Karin Choubassi-Calzado

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