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Stoner G431

An economical Silicone Urethane release.

  • Bulk pure silicone
  • can be used pure or diluted in popular solvents
  • offers optimal efficiency
  • application methods include brushing, swabbing, spraying and dipping

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Product information

G431 is an economical pure silicone urethane release which can be applied directly or can be diluted in popular solvents. For optimal efficiency G 431 should be diluted with aliphatic or aromatic solvents prior to the application to molds. By doing so it is insured that over-application of release agent is avoided. The recommended application methods are brushing, swabbing, spraying and dipping.

This silicone is also available in pre-diluted drums. Here you can choose, depending on your application needs, between 7% dilution (M225), 14% dilution (M226) and 50% dilution (M228).

Mold Release, Cast Elastomers

5 gallon pail (18,93 L)
55 gallon drum (208 L)



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