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Ceramic filler

A ceramic filler is used in numerous industries, the main one being the ceramics industry. Integrated Chemicals offers a wide range of fillers for industrial purposes. We have extensive knowledge of the various applications of our products. As such, we can help you find the most suitable ceramic filler for your purpose. Thanks to our extensive stock, you can quickly receive and use our fillers in your production process.

Ceramic filler suitable for the ceramics industry 
One filler from our range suitable for the production of quality ceramic products is the Nabolox© Bimodal. It consist of aluminium oxide particles that offer optimised packing density, as well as low sintering temperature and optimised flow properties. The Granalox© on the other hand, is a range of fillers made from ceramic bodies for a wide range of applications in the ceramic field. The material is ready-to-use and suitable for technical ceramics. This ceramic filler comes in various types, and can be optimised to suit a customer-specific application. For instance, a ceramic filler can be created with excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation or high hardness. The alumina content in the Granalox© filler ranges from 92% to 99.7%.

Discover our full filler range 
A ceramic filler is just one type of filler we have in stock. Discover our full range on our dedicated fillers page. We also have a range of fine-cut, short-particle fibres which can be used as fillers in industrial applications. Downloads of each fillers�" technical data sheets are available, as are samples upon request. Contact us for more information or for a quote. Use the contact form or leave behind your number and have us call you back.