Corrosion Inhibitors

  • Inhibitors for coatings
  • Rust converters for coatings
  • Temporary protection for metal cleaning
  • Preventing rust in closed systems, i.e. cooling systems

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Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitors are additives that prevent or slow the formation of corrosion. ICS has several different types for various applications.

Corrosion inhibitor additives

Corrosion inhibitors are additives that prevent or slow the formation of corrosion. Integrated Chemicals offers several different types for various applications. These chemicals are often added to paints and coatings to prevent corrosion or rust from forming on metal objects or other substrates. They are used in numerous industries and thousands of applications. After all, corrosion inhibitor chemicals are often the most cost-effective way to prevent corrosion and protect the machine or object on which it has been used. Thanks to its many applications, these additives come in numerous types. Selecting a suitable corrosion inhibitor that uses the right kind of chemicals, can be daunting. However, to make it easier, Integrated Chemicals has divided its inhibitors according to nature of their applications:

Additives for corrosion-resistant coatings 
Our range of additives contains several corrosion inhibitors which can be added to coatings. Which additive is best suited, depends on its aim; temporary protection,  long term protection or flash rust protection. Some are suitable only for waterborne coatings, while others are meant to be used in solvent-borne coating. Integrated Chemicals offers corrosion inhibitor pigments for  iron/steel, aluminium and other metal substrates.

Inhibitors for safe industrial cleaning 
Industrial cleaning can leave an object or machine vulnerable to corrosion. By adding an anionic surfactant with anti-corrosion properties to the cleaning agent, this can be easily avoided. These chemicals can also be found in our range of corrosion inhibitors.

Corrosion inhibitor for effective water treatment 
Corrosion inhibitor additives are also vital to the water treatment in industrial circuits. By adding these chemicals to the water, the rate of corrosion and the development of scale is slowed. This protects the lifespan of industrial circuits and machines. A corrosion inhibitor is also found in many household water softeners as an effective treatment to prevent rust water.
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