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Silicone emulsion

A silicon emulsion can be used in a wide range of applications, ranging from defoamers to release agents. Integrated Chemicals offers a wide range of specialist chemicals, such as silicone emulsions, for industrial applications. Read on to discover more about our varied and extensive products range.

Silicone emulsion release agents 
A silicone emulsion is an inert, stable and non-toxic product which makes it suitable for numerous applications in various industries. For instance, a silicone emulsion is often used in the rubber and plastics industries as a release agent in moulding operations. Integrated Chemicals´┐Ż" product range contains silicone emulsion for various substances, such as:
  • Polyurethane 
  • Rubber epoxy
  • Polyester resins

Moreover, you have the choice between a solvent-based or a water-based silicone emulsion release agent, based on your needs.

Silicone emulsion defoamers 
Integrated Chemicals also offers a range of silicone emulsions to combat foaming in coatings, ink, adhesives, and various other applications. These defoamers are polymers with silicon backbones to which an emulsifier has been added, to ensure that the silicone quickly spreads throughout the liquid.

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More information about each silicone emulsion can be accessed by clicking on it. Technical data sheets are available for download and hold detailed information. Our experts are available for advice to help you find the right silicone emulsion for your application. Use the contact form to request a sample or quote or leave us your number below and we will call you back as soon as possible.