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Sun Care

Zinc Oxide of our supplier Antaria can be mixed with almost any oil to make a natural sunscreen.
Our product offer is based on very extensive research into the development of sunscreen based on Zinc Oxide and the dispersions we offer.
For example, to find out which SPF is created after mixing or other questions regarding the development of a safe (Vegan!) sunscreen, we are happy to help you.


Zinc Oxide is further processed in ointments, creams and lotions. Zinc Oxide is also used to treat various skin conditions.
An ointment with Zinc Oxide, for example, provides a protective layer over the skin, so that it contributes to the recovery of fragile and irritated skin.
The most important conditions are eczema, diaper eczema, itching, cold sores and impetigo.


Zinc Oxide has a covering, protective, cooling and anti-itching effect.


When developing your suncare products, we in cooperation with Antaria offer the possibility to verify / recognize the level of the SPF value of your end product free of charge.