Solsperse 46000

APE-free polymeric dispersant to improve pigment dispersion and stability.

  • Superior gloss, reduced haze
  • Excellent early water resistance
  • Highly pigmented resin-free dispersions
  • Improved flocculation, flood & float resistance
  • Improvements in rate of color strength development

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Product information

Solseperse 46000 is an APE-free polymeric dispersant in water, which improves the dispersion and stability of pigments in waterborne paints. Solseperse 46000 is compatible with a wide variety of binders including acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and alkyd. In common applications (automotive and industrial), Solspersen 46000 provides highly pigmented resin-free dispersions and improves color strength development.



Water-based paint, inorganic, organic, carbon black and titanium dioxide pigments.


  • 25 KG BUCKET
  • 200 KG BARRELS



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