Eracast® TLS

Low Shrinkage High Hardness Casting Urethane

  • Long Pot Life 
  • Low Viscosity 
  • Rapid Demould 
  • Very Low Shrinkage 

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Product information

Eracast® TLS is an easy to use casting urethane for hard, plastic materials. This is an MDI polyether based polyurethane elastomer. This is a two part polyurethane casting system and cures at room temperature. This product does not contain mercury catalysts.

It offers advantages in that it can be readily processed and cured at room temperature. The convenient mix ratio and low viscosity allow easy processing either by hand or via machine mixing.

Point of sale purchase displays, rigid castings, special effect, or where hard plastic materials are required.

Automotive, Building and Construction, Coated Fabrics, Electrical, Engineered Components, Food, Mining Oil, Chemicals and Marine, Rollers, Seals and Gaskets, Footwear, Wheel and Tires.


  • 20 KG



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