Erapol® ET Series

Polyether (PTMEG) TDI prepolymeer, high preformance

  • 2 components
  • Low viscosity, fast curing
  • High performance
  • Shore 80A-75D

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The Erapol ET Series from is a hot castable 2 component TDI polyether (PTMEG) polyurethane system. The system is liquid at room temperature, low viscosity and cures fast.


Benefits of TDI systems is that they are easy to process because of their shorter demould times, lower cure temperature and are less sensitive to moisture compared to MDI types.


Polyether are recommended for application for parts that undergo high dynamic stress, i.e they incur lower heat build-up. Polyether also provides excellent hydrolysis stability, have a lower viscosity and specific gravity.


Available in Shore 80A-75D.



Typical uses for this polymer include forklift truck tyres, roll, gears etc.



Automotive, Building and Construction, Coated fabrics, Electrical, Engineered Components, Food, Mining Oil, Chemicals and Marine, Rollers, Seals and Gaskets, Footwear, Wheel and Tyres



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