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Personal Care Surfactants

Personal cleansing

The personal cleansing market is very broad, most people use 5 to 15 different products every day. For example a liquid hand-soap to clean your hands before a meal. And a toothpaste to assure yourself of good breath and healthy mouth after a meal.


Everybody uses personal care products, everyone also has their specific demands. Somebody that worked on a farm the entire day wants to have strong detergents to cleanse their body. While the person that spends their day in an office environment, will suffice with a gentle cleanser.


The standard surfactants are the most commonly used products for this market. These allow for the formulation of an all-round product that will satisfy most wishes.


Many people classify themselves as having a sensitive skin, not all regular cleansing ingredients are suitable for them. Ingredients for this segment can be found under the mild surfactant tab. These products also fit perfectly in a colour protection shampoo formulation for dyed hair.


A third, quickly growing, market are products based on renewable and natural sources. Ecocert, COSMOS and NaTrue certification is possible with these products. All surfactants from Zschimmer & Schwarz are available with Sustainable Palm Oil certification (RSPO-MB). Natural surfactants are divisible in strong cleansing and milder types.


Support and concepts

For different market wishes we have different concepts available. We like sharing these as a base to further implement your ideas.


Perfumes and actives have an influence on the activity and the aspect of all formulations. The Zschimmer & Schwarz formulation laboratory will gladly help you with different options to properly apply these components in a stable end product.


Do contact us! We are happy to discuss with you and to offer you a fitting concept!