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Anti-corrosion products are additives that prevent or slow down the development of corrosion. Integrated Chemicals offers different grades for different applications These chemicals are added to prevent the formation of corrosion or rust on metal objects or other substrates. They are used in numerous industries and thousands of applications. Finally, anti-corrosion chemicals are often the most cost-effective way to prevent corrosion and protect the machine or object on which they were used. Thanks to their many uses, these additives come in numerous types. Let us help you choose a suitable anti-corrosion agent that uses the right chemicals.


 Rust preventives (RP) : they are applied as barrier films to metal surfaces after the machining and
grinding stages. They displace water and protect metal parts from corrosive environments
during shipping or storage. RP are typically applied as a single coat that is 2–20 microns thick. These coatings are meant to be temporary.


Corrosion inhibitors (CI) are surface-active additives that are soluble in MW fluid and protect
metal surfaces during machining and grinding. They are typically composed of organic acid
salts or similar compounds. CI are effective at protecting metal that is immersed in a cutting fluid, and they provide a few weeks of protection if the cutting fluid residue is left on the metal.