• a number of phenolic and amino products
  • applicable for drilling- and cutting oils, motor oil and various industrial oils and greases

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Oxidation inhibitors (antioxidants) slow down the reaction of lubricants with oxygen. The aging process to which all lubricants are subject in use is essentially dominated by the oxidation of the base oil. The addition of antioxidants slows down oil aging and oil thickening, allowing lubricants to last longer. Oxidation inhibitors are therefore the lifeblood of modern lubricants. 


Our range of antioxidants includes aminic and phenolic antioxidants that enable formulators to produce high quality lubricants.


Pending on the mode of action, three categories of antioxidants are as follows: Primary antioxidants (radical scavengers), secondary antioxidants (peroxide decomposers) and metal deactivators (complex-forming or chelating agents).


Selection of the antioxidants in a formulation is a critical decision that depends on the base oil, application and other ingredients in the formulations.


Depending on the application, we can offer a suitable product (or have a look at the product overview).