Cilbond® 24

One-component rubber to metal bonding system for NR, SBR, CR, IR, BR etc.

  • Only one product is needed
  • Bonds a wide range of rubbers to metal
  • Very suitable for automotive applications of rubber
  • Can be used as a post-vulcanization bonding product

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Cilbond 24 is one-component rubber to metal bonding system, suitable for a wide range of elastomers including NR, SBR, CR, IR, BR, CSM, ACM, ECO and Vamac® G.



Cilbond 24 can bond a broad range of NR/SBR compounds, with excellent hot glycol resistance, making it suitable for automotive applications such as engine and suspension mounts, hydromounts, bushes, as well as industrial applications such as bridge bearings and rubber rollers. Cilbond 24 is also used for post-vulcanisation bonding of rubbers to metal and each other.

Engine Mounts, Suspension Mounts, Hydromounts, TVD"s and Hoses


  • 10 L
  • 25L
  • 100 L



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