• Silicon based, silicon free and biodegradable
  • For cleaning products, personal care and coating
  • Also with food approval
  • Oil-free products

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A good defoamer or anti-foaming agent, is essential in industrial processes and various industries. After all, foam can lead to serious complication. They lead, for instance, to defects on surface coating that are needed to protect important equipment form corrosion. However, defoamers are also commonly found in many skincare products and cosmetics. Integrated Chemicals offers quality defoamers for many applications and industries. Read on to discover more about our varied and extensive products range.

Various types of defoamer
Below is a selection of the defoamers that we offer for coatings, ink, adhesives, personal care products and cleaners. The range is divided in various types. The first category is that of the silicon based defoamers. These are polymers with silicon backbones to which an emulsifier has been added. This ensure that the silicone quickly spreads throughout the liquid to combat foaming. This type of defoamers is well-suited for use in water based systems or for cleaning. The second category contains biodegradable anti-foam agents and silicon free defoamers for waterborne coatings. For the production of Ecolabel or Blue Angel products, the range contains specialised bio-based, mineral and silicon oil free defoamers.

Contact us for more information or download the TDS
Below is a selection of the defoamers that we offer for coating, ink, adhesives, personal care and cleaners. You can find more information about each anti-foaming agent by clicking on it or by downloading the technical data sheet. For specific questions or applications you can contact us. Use the contact form or fill in your number below and we will call you back as soon as possible.