• Silicon based, silicon free and biodegradable
  • Also with food approval
  • Oil-free products

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Below is a selection of defoamers we offer for coatings, inkt, adhesives, cosmetics, detergents and watertreatment. For special questions or applications, please feel to contact us.















Together with our supplier Siliconi Commerciale SpA, we deliver silicone-based defoamers as well as silicone-free defoamers. Foam is a daily challenge for many industries, whether it is foam in the production process or foam in the product. The mixture should often not hold any air.


Small insoluble particles

Defoamers are then the right additives! These substances are small insoluble particles or droplets that unstable the air bubbles. They look like little pinpricks. A defoamer comes in the form of thin fins on the outside of the air bladder and allows air to flow freely in and out of the air bladder. This causes the air bubble to burst and the foam to disappear.



The effect of defoamers depends heavily on the compatibility between the component used and the formulation. Greater incompatibility results in greater defoaming, but also often in problems such as craters, inhomogeneity of the emulsion and fish eyes.

Depending on the requirements for the products, you can choose between different types of defoamers. These may be modified or emulsified to create specific properties (such as stability for storage or better bonding with subsequent layers).

It is also possible to use silicone-free defoamers. In different applications this can be a market requirement. In this case, ethoxylated fatty alcohols, mineral oils or derivatives of natural oils are often used.



Large markets for defoamers are coatings and cleaning products. Our defoamers are also used in adhesives, water treatment, food production and oils.

We offer the following defoamers:


B-Serie (B100, B10, B35 etc)

Silicone-based defoamers with different concentrations for formulations and botteling process

A-Serie (A10, AF16)

Silicone-based defoamers for formulations and botteling with FDA requirement - direct and indirect food contact

WS-Serie (WS 351, WS 352 )

Silicone-free defoamers for fomulations and botteling process


This is just a selection from our product catalogue.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements and the properties of your system. Then we can choose the right component together, which you can test for your products.