SCHWEGO antimec 8010

Anti-skinning additive for water-based and solvent-based coating systems,

  • Avoid skinning
  • Stabilisation of viscosity (against air oxidation)

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The chemical base of SCHWEGO antimec 8010, consist of antioxidants in a solvent mixture. The two main functionalities of this product are to provide viscosity stability and avoid skin formation. 


Viscosity stabilization occurs by the oxygen-binding properties of the antioxidant. which in turn also promotes flow and optimizes the through-drying of the paint film, without extending the drying process significantly. The combination of special active ingredients gives SCHWEGO antimec 8010 a high anti-skinning activity that suppresses reactions caused by the presence of oxygen. 


MEKO due to its volatility evaporates very rapidly from an applied coating causing the effectiveness of anti-skinning to decrease. The surface of the coating will dry first while the rest of the coating will dry slower, therefore the through-drying time of the coating is increased and a weaker inner layer is formed.     

SCHWEGO antimec 8010 on the other hand does not evaporate from the coating, but due to its special selected mechanism that exclusively deals with the reactions initiated by oxygen other chemical reactions during drying (or hardening) of the coating are not affected. 


SCHWEGO antimec 8010 is also free of ketoximes and aromatics. That means that it is completely harmless concerning toxicology and therefore free of labeling according to EEC classification.  


SCHWEGO antimec 8010 has similar functionalities as the SCHWEGO antimec, but they are formulated differently. 



SCHWEGO antimec 8010 can be used in most water and solvent-based coating systems. It is suitable for different application fields, think of Adhesives, Printing inks, Can/Coil Coating, Wood coating, General industrial coatings, Decorative-, Marine -, Wall -, Architectural- and Corrosion inhibitive paints.





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