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Lanolins are renewable raw materials that are obtained from washing wool. The series of products made from sheep wool fat are used, for example, in cosmetic products for skin care and in leather care products.
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Lanolines and derivatives

Together with our European partner Deutsche Lanolin Gesellschaft we offer Lanolins and its derivatives to the Benelux market.

Lanolin is a secondary product of wool production in the textile industry. Approximately ten percent of the weight of raw wool is composed of wool fat, a complex mixture of sterols, fats and esters. De composition is very similar to the composition of human skin, which results in great skin healing and skin caring properties.

The product is environmentally friendly and applicable in many applications, not a single sheep is kept to produce Lanolin. All wool fat applications  that are in place right now can be supplied out of the surplus from the textile-industry. The lanolin products from NK Ingredients have very high purity and have low concentrations of contaminants such as pesticides and PACs.

Cosmetics and Pharma

The classical Lanoline is available in cosmetic and pharmaceutical qualities. The ingredient is known for its incredible skin healing properties. Nipple creams, diaper creams and hand/feet fissure ointments are application fields where this product is strongly nestled.

Next to that we also offer a variety of derivatives such as fractioned Lanolin Wax and Oil which are commonly used to styling in hair- and beard care.

Through hydrolysis it is possible to obtain Lanolin Alcohols, these are very suitable as emulsifier for intensively caring creams and ointments. Small concentrations of this component are suitable as emollient in cleansing products such as liquid hand-soaps.

Ethoxylation gives water-soluble wool fats which make the Lanoline available to clear surfactant solutions that are thickened with salts. Also the household and industrial cleaning market are good applications for these types. The caring effect of Lanoline gives caring to multiple substrates such as textile, leather and wood.

Technical applications

Different derivates are also used in technical applications. Lanolin fatty acids are used for temporary anti-corrosion coatings in steel coils. It is also a material that can be used in natural concrete mold release agents, contrary to vegetable oils there is no competition with food supply chains.

We’re always interested to apply lanolin fatty acids in different technical applications. By doing this all side-products of the wool industry can be used to maximize the output of the whole chain. If you are currently using petroleum based oils, or even natural oils such as soy or palm in your technical products. Then it’s worth a trial with our wool grease fatty acids as an alternative.

Try it yourself?

Whether it concerns a technical application, or a cosmetics/pharma formulation. We are happy to help you formulate a good and successful product. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re excited to brainstorm with you about existing and new products.