Elcosol DM

Non flammable, not hazardous Solvent, suitable for Coatings, Adhesives and Cleaners

  • Alternative for NMP 
  • Non flammable
  • Not hazardous/ no labelling
  • Suited for consumer products

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CAS: 59039-15-5


Elcosol DM is a recent innovation by Lambiotte and was designed as an alternative to TOU solvent. The development of Elcosol DM was prompted by the need for a safer and more sustainable option that would circumvent the impending stricter CLP labelling facing TOU.


This newly-developed solvent boasts low odour, low toxicity, and a high boiling point (low VOC), which makes it an excellent choice for use in consumer products such as cleaners, adhesives removers, and paint strippers. Elcosol DM's solvency power enables it to dissolve a wide variety of resins and polymers.


In addition to consumer products, Elcosol DM can be employed in industrial applications such as metal degreasing and adhesive removal, and it is highly effective in paint stripping due to its high flash point and low surface tension.


However, it is essential to note that Elcosol DM is not a direct replacement for TOU, and therefore, some formulation adjustments may be required. Although the transition process may require some modifications, Lambiotte provides technical support and guidance to facilitate a smooth and efficient transition to Elcosol DM.



Boiling point (°C): 209.1
Freezing point (°C): < -20
Flash point (°C): 88
Relative density: 0.950
Vapour pressure (Pa): 6.9
Kinematic viscosity (mm²/s): 1.63
Dynamic viscosity (mPa.s): 1.55
Surface tension (mN/m): 29.5
Water solubility (% w/w): 26.0 to 27.9
Solubility parameters (MPa1/2) [15.99, 7.77, 8.46]




  • Paint remover 
  • Adhesive remover 
  • Cleaner for resins 
  • Surface treatment 
  • PU Cleaner
  • Solvent for polymerization / synthesis
  • Adhesive and bonding (like PVC, PU, MMA and polyester) 
  • Printing plate production 
  • Ink
  • Plastic solubilizer 
  • Reagent 


Coatings, Inks, Adhesives, Cleaning, Aerosols, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Synthesis, Textile/Leather, Polyurethane



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