Dynasolve 200 Series

Cured Silicone Cleaning Solvents

  • More efficient than acetone, MEK & other solvents 
  • Formulated to be highly selective
  • Non⬐chlorinated
  • Ability to use at room temperature
  • High resin loading capacity allows for reuse and reduced cost of ownership

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Product information

The Dynasolve 200 Series solvents are reactive formulated solvents which are used to remove cured silicones in both electronic and industrial applications. The four products vary based on aggression level and flash point, so the best product for a given application depends on the desired balance of aggression and flash point (see comparison below).



Depotting and decapsulating electronic components, Conformal coating removal, Industrial silicone removal and cleaning


Dynasolve 200 Series are compatible with the following materials: All metals, Teflon®, and Polyethylene & Polypropylene. Avoid the following materials: Nylon, PVC, and Do not immerse in aluminium for more than 8 hours.



1 Litre
1 Gallon
5 Gallon


Dynasolve 200 Series removes the following materials: Conformal coatings, Encapsulants/potting compounds, RTVs, and Industrial silicones


Dynasolve 218 

Aggression Level: Low

Flash Point: 73°C

Usage Temperature: 52°C

Boiling Point: > 185°C

Specific Gravity: 0.84


Dynasolve 220 

Aggression Level: Low

Flash Point: 44°C

Usage Temperature: Room Temp

Boiling Point: > 160°C

Specific Gravity: 0.83


Dynasolve 225 

Aggression Level: Medium

Flash Point: 9°C

Usage Temperature: Room Temp

Boiling Point: > 112°C

Specific Gravity: 0.81




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