Replacement of fast evaporating and strong solvents such as Methylene Chloride, MEK and Aceton.

  • Replacement of dangerous carriers in sprays
  • Alternative for classical paint stripper
  • No dizziness (No H336 on MSDS)
  • Strong solvent for many substances
  • Good miscibility with water
  • CAS: 109-87-5

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Methylal is a partial substitute for alcohols in gel. In formulations of antibacterial gel and hand sanitizers, Methylal can replace 50% of the alcohol used.

Alcohol is scarce and this can be partly dissolved by using Methylal.



Methylal, or Dimethoxymethane, is a colorless liquid that acts as a solvent. It has a very strong dissolving capacity and can be used in many different applications. Because of the rapid evaporation, it is often used in aerosol cans, especially as a replacement for, for example, Methylene chloride or Ethyl alcohol.

The product is suitable for use in cosmetics, here it can be used in a number of product groups. The most commonly used application is hair styling sprays, the Methylal is then usually used as a replacement for Methylene chloride or Ethyl alcohol (CAS 64-17-5).

Methylene chloride contains, among other things, the H351 (suspected carcinogen) warning and has been replaced by other solvents in cosmetic aerosol cans. Methylal has a comparable, strong, dissolving capacity, which means that the quality of this substance can be found again. In the case of Ethyl Alcohol, an improvement in quality is possible, when part of the alcohol is replaced by Methylal, smaller drop sizes are possible and the drying time is greatly shortened.

Further application of Methylal is possible in creams and lotions. The rapid evaporation creates a nice cooling effect. This property, together with the high dissolving power for UV filters, makes the solvent very useful for sun protection products.

Removing nail polish with Methylal, possibly in combination with Dioxolane, is very effective. Also as a replacement for Acetone or Ethyl Acetate, Methylal has no intoxicating effect when used on the hands, close to the face.



For a target recipe based on Methylal, see Alcohol / Methylal handgel


Hand Cleansers, Antibacterial Gels, Hair Sprays, Sun Protection, Nail Polish Remover



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  • Drum 50 KG



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