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Integrated Chemicals is stock-keeping distributor of Specialty Chemicals, active in the Benelux and Germany. Integrated Chemicals mainly cooperates with producers who are long term partners, which is an important aspect of the success of Integrated Chemicals.
Integrated Chemicals is part of the Monchy Chemical Group.

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Commercial inside sales
The Commercial Inside Sales Representative supports the Rubber, Adhesives & Ceramics Unit Manager. In this role, the employee has an active sales role in following up on leads and actions.

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Since 1975, over 45 years, Integrated Chemicals distributes Additives & Process-aids to manufacturing industries, first in the Benelux and later in Germany as well. 


A team of professionals and chemical specialists make of Integrated Chemicals: 




The focal points for the future are:

Digitizing marketing & order processing, with a clear commitment to and possibilities for personal contact with the Integrated Chemicals team of experts.


Continuously adding new products to its portfolio, for instance when it results in improved, lower environmental impact. The Integrated Chemicals team is always searching for better and additional products for customers.


Finding new customers, markets and applications for existing & new suppliers were Integrated Chemicals can add value with its digital-marketing, sales & distribution services.



Integrated Chemicals is fully aware of and prepared for the REACH-legislation (EC 1907/2006) and works closely with suppliers & users to ensure proper implementation. 


For any matters concerning REACH & Integrated Chemicals please contact us at reach@icspecialties.com


ISO Quality

Integrated Chemicals Specialties is certified by Lloyd’s Register (LRQA) according to the

ISO 9001 : 2015 norm.


General Terms and Conditions are deposited with the Chamber of Commerce.

Please ask for a copy any time at sales@icspecialties.com



R & D facilities

R & D facilities

Integrated Chemicals has access to several independent research facilities and to laboratories of producers & users.



Integrated Chemicals searches worldwide for long term supply partners; for producers of Specialty Chemicals, based on aspects of quality and reliability. 


Integrated Chemicals has a liaison office in Hong Kong for the sourcing in Asia.

Technical support

Technical support

Integrated Chemicals facilitates & arranges when needed technical visits and training at users or producers sites & factories.

Storage and logistics

Storage and logistics

Integrated Chemicals has several specialized logistic partners, each among the best in their field and strictly operating within the stringent legal international shipping, transport and storage rules & regulations. Integrated Chemicals may keep (consignment) stocks for both suppliers & customers in order to support on time deliveries.