Antigel 6217

Multifunctional additive for solvent – and water-based coating system.

  • Promotes flow and gloss
  • Improves wetting
  • Prevents sagging
  • Prevents film formation
  • Reworking of thickened batches

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Product information

The chemical base of ANTIGEL 6217 is a mixture of surfactants with antioxidants. The multifunctionality of this additive is based on the interaction between the different components in the mixture. The oxygen-binding properties of the antioxidant ensure viscosity stability, wetting/dispersion components reduce the interfacial tension between pigments and binder, and thickened batches can be worked up by adding a higher dosage of the ANTIGEL 6217

ANTIGEL 6217 helps optimize the through-drying of paint film without increasing the drying process. By interfering in the oxidation process it prevents the reaction of oxygen with the resin molecules. Therefore is ANTIGEL 6217 able to substitute MEKO.

ANTIGEL 6217 is also free of oximes. It has similar functionalities as the ANTIGEL KF-D, ANTIGEL but they are formulated differently. ANTIGEL 6217 is highly suitable to be used as a multifunctional additive.

ANTIGEL 6217 can be used in most water and solvent-based coating systems. Such as Alkyds, Alkyd/melamine, Alkyd/polyester, Alkyd/Acrylic, Acrylates, Polyesters, PU, Epoxy, and acid curing system.

It is suitable for different application fields, think of Adhesives, Can/Coil Coating, Wood coating, Decorative-, Marine -, Wall -, Architectural- and Corrosion inhibitive paints.


Depending on the application, up to 15% of the ANTIGEL 6217 on solid content can be used. The difference in dosage determines the multifunctionality of the ANTIGEL 6217. At 0.5-1.5% it can be used as an anti-skinning agent, between 4.0-6.0% for reworking thickened batches, and between 1.0-15% as a dispersing additive.



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