Solsperse 20000

100% active polymeric dispersant to improve pigment dispersion and stability.

  • Produces highly pigmented concentrates
  • Increases wetting and tintctorial properties¬†
  • Improves performance of poor wetting resins

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Solsperse 20000 is a 100% active polymeric dispersant that improves the dispersion and stability of pigments in liquid organic media. Solsperse 20000 is mainly applicable for water-based paints and for dispersions consisting of plasticizers or polyols. When used for these applications, Solsperse 20000 increases wetting properties and produces highly pigmented concentrates. This also makes Solsperse 20000 ideal for mixing schedules.



Waterborne Paint, Polyether Polyol and Plasticizer Dispersions.


  • DRUM 25 KG and 190 KG
  • IBC 1000 KG



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