Solsperse W100

Univeral for waterborn coatings and ink, very cost effective

  • For organic and inorganic fillers/pigments 
  • Very efficient and cost effective 
  • Low VOC capable 
  • Improved corrosion resistance 
  • improved chemical resistance 

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Product information

Solsperse W100 disperses and stabilizes both organic and inorganic fillers in water based systems. It is low VOC capable and compatible with a large number of substances including: Carbon Black, organic pigments, titanium dioxide, inorganic pigments and fillers.

The polymeric dispersant was designed to be used at used lower dosage levels than comparable products from competitors. The used chemistry in combination with lower dosage levels means lower water sensitivity and higher chemical and corrosion resistance.

Using Solsperse W100 will result in faster pigment grinds, higher loads and lower viscosities as well as higher colour strengths. 



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