• Oil in water and water in oil
  • For almost every type of oil and wax
  • Cosmetics grades available
  • Cold emulsification possible
  • Regular, water free, PEG free types

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The Zschimmer & Schwarz products for emulsification are Mulsifan, Zusotec and Sebumol and always offer a solution for making your emulsion. For lotions, creams, shampoo etc.

Emulsifier products

Emulsifiers in cosmetics

Emulsifiers are necessary in the production of cosmetics, such as skincare products to combine two liquids that would otherwise be immiscible. Integrated Chemicals is a speciality distributor of various additives and emulsifiers for creams and lotions. We offer our clients extensive technical support in their search for the right additives for their purpose. Moreover, we have a large supply of emulsifiers for personal care and other products so we can offer a speedy delivery.

Emulsifiers for various types of cosmetics

Emulsifiers are used in numerous types of cosmetics and skincare products. The most common personal care products in which they are used are creams and bath oils. An emulsifier is necessary to mix the oil in the water and prevent it from separating. Our range contains different types of emulsifiers for different types of cosmetics and skincare products. For instance, our regular emulsifiers are suitable for creams and lotions based on mineral, silicone, polar or natural oil. We also offer foaming and PEG-free emulsifiers for products such as shampoo and shower oils. The water-free emulsifiers can be used in deodorant formulations, liquid soaps and other products.

Find the right emulsifier with our help
Do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss the options for using our emulsifiers in your cosmetics or other products. We are happy to offer you expert advice and to help you find the right emulsifiers and solubilizers. You will benefit from our extensive product knowledge of the unique requirements of various industries. Request a quote or contact us to receive a free sample. Leave us your number below if you have any more questions, and we will call you back as soon as possible.