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NABALOX® polishing aluminas are used for the production of polishing pastes and emulsions for almost any material groups

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NABALOX® polishing alumina´s are used for the production of polishing pastes and emulsions for almost any material group. For example metals, stones, plastics, car paints and many more. The properties of the agglomerates and primary crystals of the aluminas directly influence on the quality of the surfaces that are finished. These are determined by the following parameters:

1)Primary crystal size:
The degree of calcination of the polishing alumina will influence the size and type of the primary crystals. Size and type of the primary crystals then determine the material abrasion and thus for the achievable surface quality. Small primary crystals result in minor surface roughness and lower surface abrasion and therefore to a high surface quality. On the other hand large primary crystals will lead to higher surface roughness and more material abrasion.
2)Secondary grain:
Represent a cluster (agglomerate) of primary crystals. During the polishing process the secondary grain will be destroyed by mechanical force, which release the primary crystals that range from nanometer to micrometer size.
A defined abrasion rate is therefore achieved by the initial secondary grain and the polishing begins on the release of the primary crystals. The initial abrasion rate is reduced by the decomposition of the agglomerate. In addition to the grain size, the structure of the grain cluster will also influence the oil absorption value.

Nabaltec provides a wide range of different polishing aluminas which can be readily adjusted to various finishing requirements for a great variety of materials. The degree of calcination determines here the specific surface area (BET), primary crystal size and crystal modification. Resulting in different NABALOX® polishing aluminas:

1)Very soft: 60 � 80 m²/g (BET), 0,02 µm (primary crystal size), 5% α-Al2O3
2)Soft: 6 � 12 m²/g (BET), 0,2 µm (primary crystal size), 70% � 90% α-Al2O3
3)Hard: 0,6 � 0,9 m²/g (BET), 2 µm (primary crystal size), 95% � 98% α-Al2O3
4)Very Hard: 0,4 � 0,7 m²/g (BET), 3 µm (primary crystal size), 98% α-Al2O3

We from ICS would be happy to help and advise you which NABALOX® product is the right one for your project.

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