Bentoniet swelling clay

Clay pellets Type S and Compactonite are clay pellets with a high swelling capacity and stability

  • good swelling capacity
  • high stability
  • KIWA certified
  • chemically constant
  • microbiologically safe
  • delayed swell onset

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Product information

In the field of natural clay layers in well structures and groundwater measurement sites, sealing earths and joints are used as ring seals between the well pipe and the borehole.


The main requirements for all products used for these sealing purposes are impermeability, chemical resistance and hygienic safety with regard to groundwater contamination. To ensure that all these requirements are met, the Stephan Schmidt Gruppe has decided to certify the bentonite clay pellets Type S, Compactonite 10/80 and Compactonite 10/200 with the KIWA certificate.


This ensures a safe and reliable product for the drilling industry.

Clay Pellets Type S
Bentonite clay granules with a low to moderate swelling capacity. Annular and borehole seals, preferably for mechanically assisted boreholes, borehole fills and fills of large diameter bores. An economical solution for a wide range of applications with good stability.


Compactonite 10/80
Bentonite clay granules with good swelling capacity for ring seals, preferably for dry drilling and for low and medium depths. Due to the slow and relatively moderate swelling process, no mud sticks to the pipes and the casing pipes can be removed without any problems. Suitable for seals with limited safety reserve, but without a doubt geologically impenetrable.


Compactonite 10/200
With a very high swelling capacity, suitable for ring seals in wet and dry drilling at medium and large depths (up to > 150 m). The high swelling ensures maximum bonding to the sides of the pipe and the drill hole. This product also has the highest stability. This ensures that the Compactonite® 10/200 is suitable for particularly difficult applications and meets the highest requirements.


Packaging quantities

  • Bag 25 KG
  • Big Bag 1200 KG


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