Melamine fibre MEL 60

Flame retardant fibre

  •  Flame retardant
  •  Strengthening
  •  White
  •  Made to fit
  •  Accoustic Insulation

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Product information

Milled melamine fiber MEL 60 has excellent flame retardancy and will not melt, shrink or drip when exposed to an open flame. Unlike other melamine fibers, our product has a very low formaldehyde content resulting in very low odor and low organic emissions at exposure to fire.


Its low thermal conductivity makes it an ideal raw material for reinforcement in insulation applications, and it also provides excellent acoustic insulation.


Please note that this is a new development product and we can provide a melamine fiber suitable for any finished product application. So if a specific size is required, we can cut to a range of sizes with different fiber length distributions.


Fiber Classification: Divided (Ground)
Appearance: white / off-white
Fiber length: >95% smaller than 250 microns
average length: >50% 90-210 microns


Polyolefin/thermoplastics, coatings, adhesives, rubber.



  • Bag 20 KG
  • Pallet 400 KG



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