Masterpast PU Pigment Paste

Ftalate free

  • Phthalate free
  • High hiding power, little needed
  • All RAL numbers available from 50 KG
  • Blue, Red, Yellow, Black and White from stock
  • UV protected 

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Product information

MASTERPAST are coloring pastes suitable for the coloring of expanded polyurethane.
They are composed by organic and inorganic pigments grinded in plasticizers that do not
belong to family of phthalates and are suitable for coloring of polyurethane compounds
both polyesters and polyether, for producing soles for shoes, stable-form automobile
components and various other flexible foam articles.
The pigments used are resistant to heat developed by the reaction and to catalyst; they
are also highly resistant to light.
The MASTERPAST can be used to color polyol both in the tank and by dosing the
quantities directly into the mixer head.
Used until a maximum of 6% they do not alter the features of the foam.
Particular notes are addressed to white pastes manufactured with UV STABILIZERS and
that give, according to used percentages, a better UV resistance.

The master paste range of our principal Nuova Sivam is of high quality and can be adapted and modified to customer requirements.



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