A499 Precision Mold Cleaner

Extra strong mold cleaner with fast acting, non-chlorinated solvents

  • Alternative to chlorinated solvents for precision cleaning of molds
  • Extra powerful spray stream
  • Removes resin buildup, grease, oil, silicones, adhesives, wax etc.
  • Cleans and prepares molds prior to application of rust preventives
  • Quick evaporating and fast drying
  • Won´t harm metals or solvent resistant materials

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Product information

A 499 Precision Mold Cleaner is a fast acting, non-chlorinated cleaner and degreaser for molds and tooling. It contains powerful cleaning agents to remove resin build-up, grease, oils, waxes, inks, tars and silicone oils from molds, tools and equipment. Dries fast and leaves no residue.

A 499 has an extra powerful spray stream dissolves and flushes away most resin residues and release agents from metal molds. Cleans and prepares molds for rust preventives.

Contains no chlorinated solvents such as trichloroethylene or methylene chloride. Contains no ozone depleting substances.

For high temperatures use or applications requiring a non-flammable cleaner, try Stoner A 497 Non-flammable Mold Cleaner.

PU molds, Rubber molds and general degrease of tools

15 oz. Spray cans (425 gr)
5 Gallon pails (18,9 L)
55 Gallon drums (200 L)


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