Silane ICS-560

Modified epoxy coupling agent for coatings, adhesives and composites.

  • Silane modified epoxy
  • Coupling agent for mineral surfaces
  • Very effective on metal surfaces
  • Improved hardening of licht-cured composites
  • CAS: 2530-83-8

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ICS-560 is an epoxy functional silane which works as a coupling agent on nonorganic surfaces with organic polymers.


The epoxy functionality can improve the adhesion of adhesives and coatings through reaction with acrylic, polyurethane or amine-hardeners. It also improves the properties of filled composites by improving the binding of glass fibers and mineral fillers to the polymers. Examples of suitable polymers is nylon or polybutylene terephthalate.


The substance is very effective on metals such as aluminum, copper and iron.


CAS: 2530-83-8



Adhesion promoter for coatings and adhesives. Improvement of bonding between resin and filler or fiber in composites.



25 kg drums

200 kg drums

1000 kg IBCs



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