Cublen BTP

BHTMP – versatile phosphonate for oil-field application above 120°C

  • Very good thermal stability
  • Very stable in hydrolytic environment
  • Broad applicability
  • Dark brown
  • Very suitable for oil-field application above 120°c

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Cublen BTP has very good thermal and hydrolytic stability compared to other aminomethylene phosphonates. In addition, it is highly effective against a wide range of carbonates, sulfates and oxolates.


Cublen BTP is preferred for systems processed above 120°C. As a chelating agent, it is effective against barium sulfate and oxolate precipitation.


The material is available as acid dissolved in water (CAS: 34690-00-1)



Oil-field chemistry, high temperature applications



  • Drum 270 KG
  • IBC 1200 KG



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