Cublen P

PBTC – Scaling inhibitor with very good resistance to oxidative ingredients

  • INCI / DIN EN 15040
  • Colourless to pale yellow
  • Very good chlorine stability
  • Corrosion inhibition
  • Very resistance against oxidizing ingredients

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Product information

Cublen P is a highly effective chelating agent for systems with highly oxidative ingredients such as hyperchloride and active chlorine. As a chelating agent, it is highly effective as an inhibitor against mineral deposits and helps to inhibit corrosion of metal structures.


Cubelen P has a wide temperature range in which it is active.


The material is available as acid in water (CAS: 37971-36-1) or as sodium salt in water (CAS: 66669-53-2).



Cleaning agents, disinfectant, cooling water treatment



  • Drum 270 KG
  • IBC 1200 KG



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