Ircogel 903

Rheology control additive based on 900, but easier to incorporate

  • Easy rheology control in plastisols
  • Reduces production time due to less shear
  • Improves aging of end products in storage
  • Reduces production losses

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IRCOGEL 903 is a rheology control additive that improves pigment dispersion and stability in plastisols.


Processing is easier as with Ircogel 900 because the product is more fluid with 20-30% DINP and mineral oils. It reduces the shear effect in PVC plastisols.


- To correct viscosity to be added later

- Reduces throughput when applied to textile carriers

- Improved run-out (sag) resistance

- Improved pumpability of sealants



PVC Plastisols, Organosols, Polysulfides, Polymercaptans

Dosage: 0.5 – 2 % Viscosity: 40.00-100.00 (cP)


Dipcoatings, underbody coatings, regenkleding, dekzeilen, transportbanden, coil coatings, lijmen en sealants



200 liter drums or 18.9 liter cans (5 US Gallon)



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