Alternative for Perchloroethylene and D-Limonene

  • Non Flammable 
  • Non Toxic
  • Stable and favourable price
  • Ready availability
  • CAS [2568-90-3]

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Butylal is a more environmentally friendly and healthier substitute for perchlorethylene. The degreasing power is greater than that of D-Limonene and other dearomatic hydrocarbons. Butylal is a proven replacement for D-Limonene in cleaning and personal care. Butylal has no labeling and is non-flammable and non-toxic. In addition, Butylal is NSF approved and has a better pricing than D-Limonene. Butylal is supplied from stock, regardless of the time of year. Its counterpart D-Limonene has unstable pricing and uncertain availability.


Butylal also known as Dibutoxymethane (DBM) and dibutyl formal.


CAS 2568-90-3





A green solvent for adhesives, industrial coatings, degreasing and chemical synthesis as well as agrochemicals. It can be used to remove CO2 from gas streams and as a solvent for cellulose-based cosmetic formulations. Replacement of D-Limonene (5989-27-5) and Dipentene (138-86-3)



  • Drum 50 KG
  • Drum 170 KG
  • IBC 1000 KG



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