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Anionic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants are essential in the production of many products, especially cleaning agents and cosmetics. Surfactants are available in several chemical types, depending on their properties and intended application. Integrated Chemicals offers a wide range of surfactants of the highest quality for many industries.

Applications for anionic surfactants 
Anionic surfactants are the most commonly-used basic material for the formulation of cleaning agents. The negative charge leads to micelles which carry away dirt and stains. As most anionic surfactants generate a lot of foam, they are also a great basic material for the formulation of shampoo, liquid soap and bath preparations. Some types of anionic surfactants also offer antistatic properties or deodorizing effects.

Nonionic surfactant characteristics 
Alternatively, certain cleaning agents are formulated with a nonionic surfactant. A nonionic surfactant is often found in sprays and extraction cleaners. This is thanks to their general low foam effect and strong emulsifying potential. Their unique properties improve cleansing power, thanks to their wetting and dispersing effect. A nonionic surfactant is also used as a thickener for aqueous formulations and certain types even function as an anti-corrosion additive.

Amphoteric surfactants for greater cleaning effects
An amphoteric surfactant is generally lesser-known than anionic or nonionic surfactants. The amphoteric surfactant differs from its counterparts as it combines a negative and a positive charge on its hydrophilic end. It is commonly used to enhance the cleaning effect of an anionic or nonionic surfactant. As such, the amphoteric surfactant serves as bridge that connects the various elements of a cleaning formulation.

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