APG - Alkyl Polyglucoside

New generation green and mild surfactants

  • Superior wetting properties, low surface tension 
  • Good compatibility with all other types of surfactants
  • Good detergence property
  • Mild, Low toxic and low irritating
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Rich and stable foam

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APG is a nonionic high performance surfactant made from renewable raw materials. It offers excellent detergency, high alkali stability, and superior eco-toxicity. It can be widely used in Personal care and Household detergents such as shampoo, body wash, all-purpose cleaners, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent and hand sanitizer.



  • Mild, compatible and readily biodegradable high performance surfactants
  • Superior wetting & low surface tension
  • compatible with other types of surfactants
  • Environmental and health compatibility also available in RSPO MB quality
  • widely used in personal care and household cleaners such as shampoo, body wash, all purpose cleaner, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent and hand sanitizer
  • also available on palm oil-free (coconut oil base)




Capryl/ Caprylyl Glucoside  [CAS: 68515-73-1 (50%, 60%, 655, 70%)]

Lauryl Glucoside    [CAS: 110615-47-9 (50%)]

Coco Glucoside     [CAS: 68515-73-1, CAS: 110615-47-9,CAS:0CAS141464-42-8 (50%)]

Hexyl Glucoside     [CAS: 54549-24-5 (75%)]

Isooctyl Glucoside  [CAS: 125590-73-0 (60%)]

Capryl Glycoside    [CAS: 54549-25-6 (50%)]

Decyl Glucoside     [CAS: 68515-73-1; CAS: 110615-47-9; CAS: 132778-08-6 (50%)]

Undecyl Glucoside [CAS: 132778-08-6]



Hard surface cleaning, Liquid dish detergent, Laundry detergent, Industrial cleaners, Highly alkaline detergents, All-purpose cleaners



  • 220 kg
  • 1100 kg
  • ISO Container



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