Multifunctional solvent meeting a wide range of applications

  • High solvent power
  • Fully miscible with water
  • Excellent atmospheric behavior
  • Good wetting properties
  • Good evaporation rate
  • Medium surface tension
  • Low viscosity
  • Cooperates with other solvents
  • Easy to combine with surfactants

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1.3 Dioxolane belongs to the chemical group of acetals. 1.3 Dioxolane can be used as a thinner, solvent and a reagent. Thanks to its excellent solvent power, it can be used for a wide range of applications. 1.3 Dioxolane easily dissolves resins and is therefore often used in coatings and adhesives. As cleaner, 1.3 Dioxolane is used for the removal of resins (even polyurethanes) or for the removal of grease stains in oven cleaners. 

1.3 Dioxolane is available in two qualities, Technical and Ultra Pure.



Technical quality

  • Paint stripper
  • Adhesive remover
  • Cleaner for resins
  • Surface treatment


Ultra Pure

  • Glues and adhesives (PVC, PU, MMA and polyester)
  • Shrink wraps
  • Production of pressure plates
  • Inks (markings)
  • Solvent for plastics
  • Stabilizer for halogenated organic resins
  • Electrolytes
  • Composites
  • Co-monomer for polyacetale resins
  • Reagents



Coatings, Inks, Adhesives, Cleaners, Aerosols, Personal Care, pharmaceutical, Syntheses, Textile/Leather, Polyurethane




  • 1000 KG IBC
  • 220 KG plastic drums
  • 60 KG plastic drums


Ultra Pure

  • 60 KG metal drums
  • 215 KG metal drums



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