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NMP Alternatives: Dioxolane & TOU

Alternatives for N-Methylpyrrolidone

  • Powerfull polar aprotic solvents
  • No or very low CLP labeling
  • Compatible with many polymers and rubbers
  • Suitable for synthesis and polymerization
  • Fully miscible with water

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Product information

NMP (N-Methylpyrrolidone, CAS 872-50-4) is used as a solvent in many manufacturing processes; batteries, fibres pharmaceuticals and resins are a few examples. Also many synthesis are performed in NMP.
From May 2020 new REACH regulations are coming into effect, further restricting the use of N-methylpyrrolidone. More information can be found here.

TOU (2,5,7,10-Tetraoxaundecane) is an ideal replacement for NMP without CLP labeling. Physical characteristics such as boiling point, flash point and viscosity are very close to NMP, while the surface tension is much lower. It has great solvent power and is compatible with a wide range of rubber and polymers.
Because of the similarities, many synthesis and polymerizations which are performed in NMP are also possible in TOU.

1.3 Dioxolane:
Like NMP, 1.3 Dioxolane is an aprotic, polar solvent, but without all the health concerns. Even though it is more volatile than NMP, its solvent power is comparable to NMP and also fully miscible with water. Furthermore, low surface tension and viscosity gives it excellent wetting properties.

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  • Paint remover 
  • Adhesive remover 
  • Cleaner for resins 
  • Surface treatment 
  • PU Cleaner
  • Solvent for polymerization / synthesis
  • Adhesive and bonding (like PVC, PU, MMA and polyester) 
  • Shrink sleeves 
  • Printing plate production 
  • Ink (marking) 
  • Plastic solubilizer 
  • Stabilizer for organic halogenated solvents 
  • Electrolyte 
  • Composite 
  • Co-monomer for polyacetals resins 
  • Reagent 


Coatings, Inks, Adhesives, Cleaning, Aerosols, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Synthesis, Textile/Leather, Polyurethane



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