flushing agent for flushing application/dispensing equipment.

  • Flushing of uncured polyurethane foam (rigid and flexible), polyester resins and polyurethane reactive hot melts
  • Flushing of Polyurethane adhesives
  • Flushing Polyurethane based inks and paints
  • Works also on other polymers like epoxies, acrylics and methacrylate
  • Stereolithography resins for the rapid prototyping industry

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PU FIX FLUSH is a versatile flushing solvent primarily focused on flushing of PU production machines. 


Besides this it can be used in various other industries like the Electronic industry to remove residues and in the polyester (GRP) production to clean mixing and dispensing equipment.


It is a good replacement for Methylene Chloride, Aceton, DBE and various Citrus based solvents.


It is low-toxic, Low-flammable & non-chlorinated.

Packaging: 10, 200 litre Drums



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